T.K. Shipyard is located beside the bank of Meghna River, about 200 km from the sea and close to the capital city Dhaka. The center is turning into a major shuipbuilding zone of the country. T.K.Shipyard is opposite to Ananda Shipyard & Slipways Ltd and 450 MW Meghna Ghat Power Plant.

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T.K. Shipyard Limited started the operation of shipbuilding on 27th July, 2010 under Companies Act 1994.

Vision Statement: Ship building industry is not only a thrust sector for Bangladesh it is also a thrust sector of the world. As one of the growing shipyard in Bangladesh, T.K. Shipyard is proud to provide our customers with high quality marine vessels held to the highest standards of our quality assurance department.

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Owner: Pacific Marine Ltd.No of Boats: 6 no’s3 House Boats of 55

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Owner: Ellicott Dredges ILC, USA.No of Boats: 4 no’s2 House Boat

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The art of shipbuilding is synonymous with the Bangladeshi industry. The la

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